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Benefits of Landscaping

The most obvious benefit of landscaping your garden is the beauty you get to enjoy all year round. However, there are many other benefits of garden landscaping and here we give you the low down on the main ones.

Energy conservation

It is a well known fact that garden landscaping by professional landscape contractors and landscape gardeners can reduce your utility bills and conserve energy. This is because during the winter months your gardenís trees, hedges, grasses and shrubs can protect your home from harsh winter winds while capturing the winter sun. On the other hand, in the summer the gardenís trees and hedges can absorb heat from the sun to help keep your home cooler.

Haven for Wildlife

Adding trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses, plants and hedges to your landscaped garden can attract wildlife such as birds, insects and squirrels. If you add extras like bird tables to your garden, then youíre likely to attract even more animals. Natural landscaping really is a haven for wildlife because it offers shelter from predators and natural food supplies that are available all year long.

Increase property value

Estate agents and property experts are quick to point out that a well-landscaped garden can increase the value of your home dramatically. In some cases, your trim and beautiful garden can increase the value of your home more than a newly decorated lounge or kitchen, so it is worth hiring a landscape gardener or landscape contractor before you put your house up for sale.

In addition to this, a landscaped garden can also improve the aesthetic quality of your home, making it feel like a much more pleasant place to be. So, even if you are not planning on selling your home anytime soon, having your garden landscaped now means you get time to enjoy your beautiful garden surroundings as well as knowing that your house is worth more than it was before.

Environmental benefits

Trees, shrubs, hedges and flowers offer substantial environmental benefits, because vegetation like this protects water supplies, provides food (in the form of vegetable gardens), and reduces air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Having your garden landscaped can also reduce noise pollution in your home by blocking out surrounding noises

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