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Garden Design

All garden landscape designs need a good plan, and here we give you the lowdown on what to consider before allowing the landscape contractors to get to work on your garden. Remember, the preparation is just as important as the garden landscaping itself, as it is the best way to ensure you get exactly the landscaped garden you desire.

First of all, it is worth taking a walk around some public gardens, viewing some commercial gardens and looking at residential gardens to gather ideas for what you would like to see in your landscaped garden. You should bear in mind that a garden landscape design is meant to change over time to allow for new ideas and to fix any problem areas that may arise within your garden.

Consider using trees or hedges to provide a long-term framework for your landscaped garden. Trees can provide structure, screening, shade and beauty all year round. You should also include flowers, vines and groundcover plants, which will provide a focal point and add colour to your garden landscape. You can choose from a wide range of garden plants and flowers and these can be planted in beds, grown in containers, or planted among your gardenís trees and shrubs.

If possible, why not match your garden landscape to your lifestyle. If you enjoy gardening then you could add a vegetable patch and flowerbeds that require continual maintenance. To help you maintain such garden features, you can purchase a wide range of gardening and landscaping equipment from one of the UKís many garden centres. If you are not green fingered, you can simply add texture and colour to your garden with a few container plants that require hardly any work.

Finally, ensure you have a good scale in your landscaped garden, which means a healthy balance between the sizes of different elements, such as the house, walkways, paths, fences, flowerbeds, and planting. Your landscape gardener will be able to explain to you which trees and plants will suit your gardenís surroundings the most, because one element should not overpower the other elements in your landscaped garden.

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